Green Tech: a new technology for the energy saving.

Falmec, always keen to environment, introduces Green Tech: a new technology granting new efficiency levels and energy saving results.The keypoint of the A+ collection from Falmec was a low-consumption brushless motor; today thanks to Green Techmotor, the performances of the products have been even more enhanced.Green Tech motors, which can filter 800m3/h, use an electronic control that maximizes the motor performances at everystage and condition of activity, contributing to the reduction of energy losses in the system. Furthermore, the use ofpermanent magnets fitted on the rotor enables the extractor hood to drastically reduce energy consumption levels. Whencompared to traditional motors, the energy consumption is in fact reduced to 60% at the fourth speed, with the maximumextraction rate. The reduction reaches up to 90% when the hood is used at the first speed.The hoods equipped with this new technology are: Flipper, Gruppo Incasso, Quasar, Plane and Move.

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