Green Tech: brand new technology for significant energy saving benefits.

Always keen to improve our environment, Falmec introduces Green Tech, a brand new technology offering higher efficiency levels with proven energy saving results. The focus of this A+ collection by Falmec is to produce a brushless motor with very low energy consumption.  Today, the performance of the products has been further enhanced, thanks to our new Green Tech motor
Green Tech motors, which can filter air at a powerful 800 m3/h, use an electronic control to maximise the motor’s performance at every stage and level of activity.  This contributes to a significant reduction of energy losses in the system. Furthermore, the use of permanent magnets fitted onto the motor enables all the Green Tech extractor hood models to drastically reduce their energy consumption levels. 

In fact, when compared to traditional motors, the energy consumption is reduced to 60% (on the fourth speed), whilst retaining the maximum extraction rate. This reduction achieves up to 90% when the hood is used on the first speed. 
The specific Falmec hoods equipped with this new technology are: FlipperGruppo IncassoQuasarPlane and Move

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