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15 March 2019

Spazio won Casa Decor 2019 award.

Spazio, presented at the prestigious event of interior design Casa Decor in Madrid, received the award for the best product design.

Both the creative effort of Francesco Lucchese, who designed this hood, and the ability of those who actually made it, that is our Falmec Lab, were recognised by the jury. Spazio won because is an everyday object that, thanks to an impeccable design, becomes a first-rate decorative element. In addition to this, its surprising technological innovation grants a fundamental support during the activities in the kitchen.

This model, in fact, maximizes space thanks to the comfortable glass shelves where dishes and crockery can be stored; to the channel equipped with hooks and to the tablet holder that allows cooking while consulting the recipe. To these plus are added then: a LED system to illuminate the entire work surface; two USB ports to recharge mobile devices and a light that stimulates photosynthesis giving the possibility of housing a small hanging garden for the cultivation of aromatic plants.

Finally, this hood has the Circle.Tech technology, in which the air outflow passes through a horizontal filtering body that wraps the motor. This allows to obtain excellent performance in terms of suction, filtration and silence. Finally, the exclusive combined Carbon.Zeo filter, which uses materials of natural origin such as zeolite and activated carbon, retains odors with maximum effectiveness.

For all these good reasons the panel of Casa Decor 2019 has decided to reward Spazio!

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